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I CANNOT BELIEVE THE BULLSHIT! It's ridiculous. Completely and totally ridiculous. I want to go home. But, im going to stay here in FL with my husband because I love him and I want to respect him. I dont want to talk about his mother and his sister. I wont talk about them. I will keep my mouth shut and respect my husband. I love him so so much. I may write about this or talk about this in another place.
His mom is walking around and pouting. She has locked herself up in her room because she is mad at the both of us. Most likely...me. I can handle that. I have no choice but to deal with it. What hurts me the most is my husband going through the exact same thing that I had to go through when my parents would not let me go. They gave me hell. I was alone, but then I was NOT alone. I had God with me, and Monica. God helped me through a lot of it. I made it! Im a stronger person. I hope I can help my husband cope with this and we work on this together. Its going to take my love and support to help John teach his mom to treat him as a human being....A GROWN MAN!!! She wants John to stay a child forever. Our marriage won't work if he does not grow and learn how to function on his own without his mother. He knows this. And he is willing to learn, to mature. Im so happy! What makes me sad, is the fact that his mother is alienating him because he does not live at home. It hurts me....pisses me off more than anything, but it hurts.
She won't even let her children share their personal belongings between them because it will cause TURMOIL??? Really?? And because my husband does not live at home with her, he and Chris aren't allowed to share anything. We are a state away. It's ridiculous. Very selfish and we both do not approve. Our children won't be raised this way. I was not raised this way. I am so happy that my parents have not raised us to be this selfish.
John's family won't even share their food. They act funny about who eats what. If someone were to eat their food, then an argument ensues. It's disgusting and I wont take part in that. I wont be visiting any time soon. I need to stay away.
I told myself I would not be the reason John had a crappy weekend with his folks. It happened anyways. His mom ruins our weekend here. So this is the last time I will visit. The next time, he will visit on his own.
Superbowl weekend...and I feel so uncomfortable being here. I want to go home. I want to go home. I dont feel welcome. I dont feel welcome at all. I want him to give the cell phone back, but he wont. So....blah.


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