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Long time no post.
I read a verse in the bible. It says,

"But wisdom is proved right by her actions." Matthew 11:19

Hmm...wisdom proved by my actions? How many do we know,(and can include ourselves) who say they are wise but a fool?
A lot has happened. I found out that I have symptoms of Uterine Fibroids. My doctor immediately supported surgery to remove these things. I think otherwise. Herbal medicine and diet, exercise will be the key. God's got it all under control.
John and I have moved into our own apartment. We now live in pensacola and on the other side of the town from my inlaws. We live closer to his Father.
I have enjoyed our space and working from home. It has been stressful because I am trying so hard to help us eat better. We ARE eating better. It just requires a lot of work and preparation. I try my best to avoid processed food. For example, we had pizza today. I made everything except the cheese and sauce. I had left over sauce so I used it, but the ingredients were easily pronounced. The sauce had nothing with 8 syllables. Haha.
My family in MS is doing well. My mother's medication needs to be changed again. She is in pain and trying to work while my father stays at home, unemployed and feeling guilty. Nothing has changed. Sometimes, I hate calling home to hear how they struggle with things. It could be avoided if my Father would only get a job.
I still do not speak with my brother Matthew. He has made no attempt to reconcile with me. I hardly think about it anymore. I expect no more from him. If he chooses to ignore me and avoid a relationship with me, then I have no choice but to accept it right?
I have no friends in Florida. Jesus and my husband are my only two friends.
My mother in law still troubles me. She has a lot of demons she is dealing with. I need to pray more for her. She reminds me so much of my own father.
That's about it. I'm about to start work but it is super cold today!

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wow I didnt know you were in Mississippi? What part? How long did you stay? And I am glad you are home! Take care as well. :)

I was in Ocean Springs - this time around, I was there for a week.

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