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Gay Pride 2013
John and I went to the beach yesterday. As we were driving, we saw a LOT of people on the beach enjoying some festitivies. Our discussion focused on the people around us. They seemed to be having a good time. I noticed that there were a LOT of men dressed in speedos. Some of the men had noticeable feminie gestures. I was getting confused by this but never put two and two together. As we continued driving, I spotted a HIV rapid testing bus. There was a sign pointing to a bus that provided testing for HIV. This was very strange, so I took a picture. I asked John.
"Why is an HIV bus here?" He laughed at me and said it was probably because so many young people are out and about having sex with each other. Anyways, we kept driving and there are MORE openly gay people walking the streets, holding hands. Then all of a sudden...I see a car that said "Pride 2013" and BOOM..it clicked.
We were in the midst of the 2013 Gay pride festivities. How did we manage to do that?
In my surprise and disbelief, I tell John and he gets completely disgusted. He rolls his window up and tries his best to keep his eyes averted from everyone. I start looking around and paying more attention and sure enough, the signs are there.
"Born this way" signs.
Rainbow colored flags, and kites
"Pride 2013" written on cars (or at least that one)
Lots of speedos
Lots of women dressed as men
same sex people holding hands
Yes. We were traveling through gay pride 2013.

Loking at their behavior and the image they were representing was very disheartening. As a Christian woman, I know that their behavior is an abomination to God. But instead of me feeling anger or disgust towards most of it, I felt only sympathy and sorrow.
We finally got to our beach location and met another woman. They were talking to us about the traffic and issues over in Ft. Walton beach. We explained that it was due to Gay Pride 2013. The disgust on her face was shocking. Another older couple chimed in and they were just as disguted. The first lady, I'll call her P....was so disgusted she asked if they were coming to our area. I explained maybe not but this is where they are having their party..Pensacola Beach.
I found out a few minutes later that this woman attended church. She wanted to invite us to her church but it was outside of Hattiesburg. While we were talking, I started to think..
The homosexual community is looked upon as evil, degenerate, nasty and unworthy of any love, compassion or mercy. Especially from us Christians. We persecute them before getting a chance to know them. And I know for sure, that these are the very people who God YEARNS to be redeemed. These are the very people he wants to turn and be saved. If this is His desire, why is it not ours? Why do Christians get so disgusted and SHUN homosexuals? No wonder they think Christianity is a joke and will almost NEVER come to Christ. We don't show them love! We don't offer them friendship.
After telling my friend that we were accidentally in the middle of Gay pride, she told me to stay away unless the Lord has driven me to minister to them. Again...neglect, distrust, hate, anger, condemnation and judgement LONG before saying "hello".
My eyes have been opened. I am hurting for these people. Of course, I do not agree with their behavior or the sin in their life. Heck, I am dealing with my own, but these are our brothers and sisters. Why aren't churches at Gay pride 2013 preaching the LOVE of Christ and reaching out to these people? Why do we judge them and label them unworthy because they have made.....pretty much the SAME mistakes as we have in the past and present? Sin is Sin. There is no sin greater than the other. It is ALL bad. Your lies do not make your sin less harmful or less punishable than homosexuality. It's all the same in the eyes of the Lord. We were once sinners too. Yet now we are saved. Homosexuals deserve the same opportunity. Why do we prevent them from tasting the goodness of the Lord?
CHRISTIANS! DISCIPLES! EVANGELISTS! MISSiONARIES! Whatever you may call yourself...have compassion on these people for they are PEOPLE. And you were once like them...lost and filled with worldly views. Please..take the time to spread the LOVE of Christ. There are a group of people down here on the coast who stand on the corner of the stoplights and preach judgement, death, hell and grave. They do not mention one thing about Christ's love for each of us. It's misleading and condemning. The Lord's wish is for EVERYONE to live forever with him in Heaven and not ONE of us to perish. Get it right. You gotta catch the fish before you can clean it. Ignorance will not guarantee you success.


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